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Darcy Kline

"Bad, bad, bad, bad boy, you make me feel so good."

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Name:Darcy Kline
Birthdate:Oct 31
Location:Upper East Side, New York, United States of America
Website:@ dreamlikenewyork

Darcy Isla Kline was raised into a rich family of old money, but that didn't stop her nurturing her own ambitions. She was born and raised in New York City, living her whole life on the privileged Upper East Side, and not really knowing any other sort of life. She never wanted for anything. Her father, Damon, is a Computing Software Engineer and the CEO of his own leading international software developers, KlineTech Inc., a company which makes its millions by developing software for the ever-developing medical industries. It is why Darcy grew up close with one Julian Beaumont when their fathers companies often worked together in the medical world. Darcy and Julian, along with Grayson Quinn, knew each other from literally when they were in diapers. Their parents had known each other before they were even born and their mothers were all in a mothers group which was basically like a weekly baby shower with high society gossip thrown in. Like Mrs Beaumont, however, Darcy's mother, Lilian, was never interested in the whole desperate housewives lifestyle, ending up best friends when Julian and Darcy were born just three months apart. The three of them grew up together, and became inseparable friends. Julian and Grayson were undoubtly BFFs and like brothers, and Darcy turned into their faithful fag hag once they both came out of the closet.

Ironically, however, Darcy was Julian's one and only gay fail. Julian was barely out of the closet, having lost his virginity to Grayson, and it was their senior year in high school. Grayson, one night when he was particularly pissed off at his father for trying to buy him, broke into his father's liquor cabinet and the three of them along with a few other kids from school all got blind drunk at an impromptu party. None of them have any recollection of the night, and Darcy woke up in Grayson's bed naked with Julian and they found a used condom in the trash can that was split. Needless to say, they both freaked the fuck out, and freaked Grayson out who was passed out on the floor the whole time. None of them told their parents and they went straight down to the free clinic to get Darcy the morning after pill just in case. It was after that, still rather freaked out, that Julian somewhat thanked for helping him realise he was really, really gay. Most girls would take offence at that, but to Darcy, it meant a lot that she was the one to help him officially come out of the closet and stand up to his father about the "arranged" marriage between him and Maddison Casey. After that, Julian never looked back, and Darcy was proud of both her boys unconditionally, no matter how much they pissed her off sometimes.

In fact, it was Julian and Grayson who so lovingly gave her the nicknames of DIK (her initials, damn her parents) and Arsy Darcy. She managed to punch them both in the face on separate occasions when she was PMS'ing for calling her that, but generally these days, she's used to it. Today, Darcy has graduated college with a degree in Pharmaceutical Science (which she picked after always having a fascination with the company Julian would eventually inherit, and everything it was involved in) and a Masters in Business. Software never interested her, and with her older brother, Damon Junior, set to take over their family business just like Julian with his, Darcy was free to pursue her own career and becoming a Pharmacist was always going to be it.

She is the Director of the Beaumont Foundation, the charitable division of Julian's company that oversees all the charity funding the company is involved in, now recognised as one of New York's top philanthropists. She is on the Board of Directors with Julian, and works in the same Executive Suite of the company on the 25st floor of Beaumont Industries in Manhattan. She started her career as a Pharmacy Assistant with the company when she was in college, and briefly dated Riley Bryant when she was doing her Masters at the same time Grayson was doing his in Spain. Grayson never knew of Darcy's boyfriend as anything beyond just 'Riley' and never knew much about him, and it has now become that awkward moment when he's about to discover that his fag hag used to fuck the guy he is quickly falling in love with. The flame between Riley and Darcy was very short lived when Riley struggled in the first relationship he attempted after being diagnosed with HIV. Darcy understood, and to this day, they remain close friends but with her having been overseas on a charity tour for the company, she's in for a huge shock when she returns not just to finally see Julian after his terrible ordeal, but to realise they have both gone and fallen in love in her absence... and Grayson with her ex.

Darcy exists for musebox/PSL, [community profile] dreamlikenewyork.
She is an original character for RP purposes only. PB is Saoirse Ronan.
No infringement intended, for fun only.

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